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     In the spring of 2008 a situation arose that required my hiring a contractor to renovate a large, 100 year old, multi-family, home in Capitol Hill. My Mother had lived in part of the home for 56 years and had a medical event that necessitated my coming to Denver from NH to care for her, while at the same time renovating her home so that we could rent it. 

The job would be challenging as the home had large rooms with intricate moldings, wainscoting, plaster walls, etc, and was very dated. I interviewed several contractors, one of which was Noye Balmer, owner of Handyman Solution. First and foremost, I was searching for a contractor I could trust. He needed to do first class work, have the initiative and caring to communicate to me items needing attention outside of the proposed job, complete the job on time, and come in within budget. All of this needed to be done with little direction or oversight from me as I was at the hospital with my Mom every day for most of the day. 

When I met Noye he invited me to visit a Victorian home he had just completed renovating and I was impressed. He supplied a list of references, and in speaking with them I was struck by the absolute joy and praise each person had for Noye Balmer and his team of workmen. 

Hiring Noye Balmer was the single most important decision I made for my family at this most difficult time. He has proven himself to be an invaluable asset. He met and exceeded all my requirements. His workmanship is outstanding, and his level of care and concern for getting the job done as we wanted could not have been higher. He completed the job within the allotted time and within budget. 

Noye is always gracious about giving me time to discuss projects, he makes suggestions that are sound and, in many cases, better than I could have imagined. His follow-up is superb, and he is always on the job when he says he will be. There has never been a time when I haven't gotten a prompt response from Noye. 

Since that original project, Noye and I have had many other large and small projects that were successfully completed. My admiration for Noye as a person as well as a contractor is undiminished. He stepped in to my life at a time when I needed help from someone who was capable, honest, and caring, and he proved himself to be all of that and more. Without any reservations, I would highly recommend Noye Balmer and Handyman Solution to anyone who asked. 


Carol C.
New Hampsire Realtor and Denver Landlord​
"Without any reservations, I would highly recommend Noye Balmer and Handyman Solution to anyone who asked."

      It is without reservation that I can enthusiastically endorse the highly professional work of HandyMan Solution, owned by Mr. Noye Balmer.

     In March of 2011 Mr. Balmer was contracted to paint my home, and perform many other tasks. His project management and his final work surpassed my best expectations. Here is why:

- Received a bid we agreed upon, the work as perfectly executed, and the costs did not creep.
- Mr. Balmer and his crew were very responsible in making sure none of my antiques, Persian carpets came to harm, all painting was perfectly masked.
- My dog was carefully watched. Endless trips out of doors necessitated doors being left open. My dog, my most priceless possession, was looked after, kept safe, and petted by Mr. Balmer and his staff while I had to work during the day.
- Mr. Balmer can do electrical and plumbing repairs. He changed out light fixtures; he put in a new toilet, as but a few examples, and therefore saved me the increased expense of having to contract out these services as well.
- Mr. Balmer sees work that needs to be accomplished and comes to you with a solution. He takes the time to talk with you and explain why he will approach the work with a specific direction, he explains why or why not your ideas many or may not work. As I am not knowledgeable about house construction I greatly appreciated his expertise and patience in working with me.
- My house is beautiful, it is painted to perfection. The front door to my house glistens due to the fact Mr. Balmer was not happy with the quality of paint the first time the door was painted; he stripped the paint off of the door, and repainted the door three more times until the door was lacquered to his satisfaction. He and his crew have the pride of craftsmanship some people think no longer exists.
- Mr. Balmer and the talented men that work for him have made my house shine and sparkle – I thought I wanted to sell my home, now I think I’d like to stay.

In short, if you are thinking about hiring HandyMan Solution you will not find more professional work, courtesy, honesty and integrity than Mr. Balmer and his team will offer you. 

Please call me on (303) 320-xxxx, or contact me via electronic mail at xxxxxxxxxx@comcast.net if I may answer other questions for you.

Sylvia R.
Denver,  Colorado  ​                                             (Document edited for privacy purposes - N.B.)
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     "Handyman Solution refurbished the bathroom shower in our basement. We were delighted with Noye’s attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and finished product. He really took the time to thoughtfully answer our questions prior to the job, finished on time and within estimate. We highly recommend Handyman Solution."

– Steve & Kathleen R. 
Castle Pines, CO

     "We hired HandyMan Solution to help us with repairs to our 101 year old rental property. Wow, their professionalism and expertise is excellent. As you know nothing is "off the shelf" with a 101 year old structure that can be safely rented out. They helped us pick great products that match the era yet are modern in functionality. That old house never looked so good! It also is many times more energy efficient. We will be hiring him again soon for some new project on our personal residence."

-- Larry D.  1/10/2012
Colorado Landlord